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GrowBaby Telemedicine


GrowBaby now offers a Telemedicine service with Dr. Leslie Stone and Emily Rydbom, CN, HN, CNP. Their teaching is based off of 30 + years of collective experience in healthcare. Leslie has delivered well over 5,000 babies and Emily has helped educate thousands of women with their individual nutrition during the prenatal time period for over 4 years. They will approach your health with a functional medicine perspective, just as they practice together in a family practice clinical setting.

How it works

Once you sign-up, you will receive an email directly from Emily, outlining GrowBaby's telemedicine options/cost and what type of evaluation and follow-up you need to feel the most successful. General cost for any telemedicine appointment with Emily is $100/hr. A joint telemedicine experience with both Leslie and Emily, includes 4 sessions of direct one-on-one care at $1500 or $375/session. There are even more customizable ways to take care of your needs! We will together choose what is best for you, always.

An appointment with Emily in a clinical care setting is $240/hr--think of it like saving $140 every time you meet and you get personalized care in the convenience of your own home. A comparable experience with both Leslie and Emily in a clinical care setting would cost almost $3000. We want to meet you where you are, simple as that. 


Help all women attain their prenatal health goals including optimizing the health of their fertility, preconception, pregnancy, and postnatal time period to help improve the generational health impact of their family. We also offer couples preconception and fertility health telemedicine appointments, where we can review your picture of health and balance together. 


  1. Gather all medical records for the past 5 years including any labs*, imaging, consultation apart from primary care provider
  2. Functional Medicine Packet filled out by patient (sent by GrowBaby)

*Recommended additional lab draws by Dr. Leslie Stone will incur a separate cost.


5 hour medical history review done prior to the initial appointment by both Dr. Leslie Stone and Emily Rydbom, CN, HN, CNP

4.5 hour total face-to-face time over 4 appointments* 

*Individual GrowBaby Telemedicine appointments can be made with Emily Rydbom only, if it better suits your needs. Direct care with Emily will include the same requirements as as a joint telemedicine experience.


We are excited to be a part of your health journey toward parenthood!